Pain-free Extractions
Barbara was in need of multiple extractions to prepare her mouth for dentures. Dr. Collins was highly recommended as the oral surgeon of choice by Barbara’s regular dentist. She followed the recommendation and describes her time as a patient at Collins Oral Surgery & Implants as a good experience that “starts at
the front desk.”


Experienced Oral Surgeon Provides Comfort
Vicki was in search of a Springfield, Missouri oral surgeon that specializes in local anesthesia for tooth extractions. After years of apprehension with dentists, Dr. Collins methodical approach and pain-free results made Vicki feel extremely comfortable.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Teeth
After initially being worried about having her wisdom teeth removed, after the procedure Erin said everything turned out as it was supposed to and she had no concerns. She experienced a quick recovery and felt at ease with Dr. Collins.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Done Right
John was referred to Dr. Collins as the oral surgeon who could correct a failed implant from a previous procedure. John says he “came here as a patient and left as a friend” after being at ease and happy with his experience at Collins Oral Surgery & Implants.

Dental Implants

Beautiful Smile Again
Looking for “the smile that she wanted” Mary found Dr. Collins’s experience comforting. From the very beginning, everything Dr. Collins and his staff said was accurate and she is extremely happy with her results!

Extractions & Dentures

Denture Prep Surgeries Lead to Great Smile
After extracting 24 teeth in one procedure, Dr. Collins also built Darren’s jaw bone to be a perfect fit for dentures. These were two separate procedures, neither of which Darren needed any pain medication afterwards.



Staff  Testimonials

Continuous Learning
Jimmie Lawson, Surgery Supervisor, says Dr. Collins places a lot of emphasis on staff education. She also says Dr. Collins wants the staff to be “as smart as he is.” Doc is humble and people who don’t know wouldn’t assume he’s a doctor at all; he’s “part of the team.”

Confident Patient Care
Michelle Newark, Surgical Assistant, has worked in oral surgery for 12 years. When talking about Collins Oral Surgery & Implants, she says, “I love to come to work everyday; I love what I do.” Dr. Collins attitude gives Michelle and the others confidence during surgery and he works to help his staff be successful at what they do.

Personable Approach with Patients
Anna speaks highly of Dr. Collins as a teacher and believes she learned more working for him than she could have in school or in any other job. Bedside manner and patient care are top priorities for Dr. Collins, as he really tries to get to know his patients and never rushes them.

A Warm Welcome
Robin Pettet, Office Manager, has worked at Collins Oral Surgery & Implants since “the day they opened the doors.” She speaks highly of Dr. Collins, saying he’s not “stuffy” and “makes you feel like his equal.” Robin loves helping patients and desires that each and every one feel very comfortable as soon as they walk in the door.


“You are such wonderful people.  Thank you so very much.  May God always be with you.”
Pat Davis,
“Thank you, Dr. Tom and team, for saving my life on so many levels! I am blown away by your generosity and your wonderful care for me. I am truly grateful for you and all you do.”
Annie Casler,
“Thank you so much for taking care of me and saving my smile.”
Jack Graves,
“Thank you for taking such good care of my daughter, “Madi.” She healed very quickly after having her wisdom teeth out!”
Steve Edwards,
“Prior to seeing you, another oral surgeon had trouble placing a second implant, which you were able to do. I brag about you all the time. I love my new front teeth!”
Mary Tygart,
“Concerning Bill M.’s implants and new natural looking gums… He is one happy camper. I appreciate getting to work with you on this .”
David Honeycutt DDS,
“Prior to seeing you, another oral surgeon had trouble placing a second implant, which you were able to do. I brag about you all the time. I love my new front teeth!”
Mary Tygart,